Installation Instructions

Inlet Hose
5-Spd Shifter

Inlet Hose

Please read through all the instructions before performing the work.

Required Tools:
3/8 drive ratchet
Assorted extensions for 3/8 drive ratchet
10 mm 3/8 socket
12 mm 3/8 socket
Flat head screw drivers
Assorted pliers

Let car cool off and prep for install.

1. Remove Engine cover from engine.(if applicable) Locate and remove 4 plastic quick connectors to remove.
2. Remove top mount intercooler, and BOV from the car. When removing BOV, make sure to remove the return hose that routes to the inlet
hose. This return hose is bolted to the intake manifold in a few places. Take note how the hose was routed as it will be re-installed.
3. Remove grey PCV Diagnosis connector from the spigot (closest to turbo on inlet hose) and from crankcase vent tee on
engine block.
4. Inside connector remove, locate jumper pin and remove using needle nose pliers. Grey connector and hose will not be reinstalled.
5. Find the harness/plug that is connected to factory inlet hose, remove from hose and place jumper pin into female pins in
the harness/plug. Use electrical tape to secure in place.
6. Remove vacuum lines attached to side of the inlet hose.
7. Remove bolts from the manifold that holds the Boost control solenoid and Evaporator solenoid bracket from the manifold.
8. Loosen hose clamp on the turbo, and remove inlet hose from the car. Take note how the vacuum lines routed and
attached to manifold, as these will be connected later on.
9. Take clamp from factory inlet and place into position on your new GMS inlet.
10. Reinstall inlet into factory position. Be aware of connectors that are in place.
11. Tighten clamp once inlet is in desired position, be sure to check that inlet is fully pushed onto the turbo intake port.
12. Reinstall vacuum and breather lines onto new inlet in factory positions.
13. Reinstall BOV return hose followed by TMIC and BOV.
14. Reinstall intake and check that all hoses and clamps are tight.
15. Perform full ECU reset prior to driving car and check for any vacuum leaks.


Required Tools:
3/8 drive ratchet
Assorted extensions for 3/8 drive ratchet
10,mm 3/8 socket
Flat head screw drivers
Assorted pliers
Drain pan

Let car cool off and prep for install.
1. While letting the car cool, remove:
-Lower plastic splash guard (3 10mm bolts and 4 pop its)
-Radiator cap
2. Drain coolant via the petcock located on the lower right hand backside of the radiator.
3. Upon draining the coolant loosen the 2 10mm bolts located on the coolant housing on the driver side of the engine.
4. Release the thermostat housing from the water pump. CAUTION: Coolant may still be in the radiator/engine and may come out upon removing the housing.
5. Remove the old thermostat and seal and clean off both surfaces.
6. Install your new Gimmick 160 Failsafe Thermostat and then proceed from step 4, Reinstalling parts.
***Bleeding your coolant system…
It is very important that you properly bleed your coolant system after installing a new thermostat. This is best performed by turning the heat on its maximum setting and running the vehicle while occasionally revving the engine to purge the system of any air bubbles. You will need to periodically need to add amounts of coolant to top it off as you remove air from the system. Once the heater blows very hot air and no bubbles are visible when revving you can turn off the engine and reinstall the radiator cap.

5-Spd Shifter

Required tools:
Flathead Screwdriver or Panel Popper
2 12mm Wrenches
Rubber Mallet

1. First u need to take out the part of your center console that holds your mirror adjustments. This piece is held in by pressure so you will need to wedge a small flathead screwdriver or panel popper in to pop it out. Be careful to not scratch your console.
2. Next you need to remove the wires that are attached to the mirror adjustment. You do this by pressing the tab in on the passenger side of the car and then pulling down.
3. Once the mirror adjustment panel is removed you need to remove your shift knob. Pull the shift boot down off the knob and then unscrew the knob.
4. Then once you have your shift knob removed you need to remove the trim panel and the shift boot. All you need to do is pull up. The panel is just held in by clips.
5. Next you need to remove the bolt that holds the shifter to the linkage. You will need to use 2 12mm wrenches.
6. Now you need to spin the stock shifter 180 degrees so the pivot is facing towards the back of the car. Then hit the shifter with a rubber or plastic mallet until it pops out.
7. In order to install the new shift lever in you will need to use a lubricant of some kind. Adjust the lever so the bottom half is parallel up and down and use your mallet and hit the top of it 2-3 times until it pops into place.
8. Now re-install all interior trim pieces and electrical plugs and you are done.