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Available in 160 and 170 temperature ranges, you will have the flexibility to choose the change in coolant temps for your car. This way, if you live in a colder climate you will still get all the benefits and features of our Gimmick Motorsports Thermostat without the dramatic loss in heating for those cold winter days and nights.

Some of you may be asking what is different about this thermostat? what sets it apart from the many other popular and well known brands already available? That’s simple! Lets look at the features of the Gimmick Motorsports thermostat. This thermostat is produced by one of the largest manufacturers of thermostats and cooling products in the world. It is unique in its design not only due to its ability to provide better cooling efficiency.

It also acts as a failsafe, unlike standard factory style thermostats the Gimmick Motorsports thermostat is designed with an extra stroke! so if something should happen where you car is in a overheating situation, the Gimmick Motorsports thermostat will lock in the open position. This allows coolant to keep flowing which can protect your engine from serious damage while the vehicle is driven to your nearest service station.

A benefit anyone can be happy to have considering that most OEM and aftermarket thermostats lock in the closed position which is the sure road to disaster.

Fits 02-11 WRX AND 04-11 STI Fits all subaru Impreza’s (All Years) Fits ALL subaru Legacy’s, Forester’s, and outbacks!

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